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Romania, Turkey and Portugal

Romania, Turkey and Portugal

Analysis of the dynamics and useful seggestions In this sessionare presented three study cases on conflicts happened in Romania, Turkey and Portugal. The session aims at providing tools to
analyse these conflicts and to understand their dynamics. Furthermore it aims at defyning the roles played and at understanding the reactions proposed.

Italy, France, Estonia

Italy, France, Estonia

This article examines the following case studies: Italy, France and Estonia. The aim of these case studies is to further explore the analysis tools that can be used in order to understand how conflicts originate and develop. New constructive conflicts management techniques will be presented which have been designed to subvert conflicts, carry out role exchange experiments, observe actions and …


Acting conflicts! collects innovative methodologies that can be used in the non violent management of conflicts and can be developed in the daily work with less privileged youth at high risk of social exclusion.

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